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        2. Conical Screw Cooker

          Series DF 050 - DF 600

          Cooking and sterilising using steam and adding liquids

          Mixing, stirring, cooking and sterilising are basic operations in food production and processing and sometimes require special adaptation of the equipment to the raw materials and the process.

          These machines, with their conical construction and rotating mixing screw, have proven particularly useful for processing natural products such as coffee beans, cocoa nibs, gluten or nuts such as chestnuts.

          Various processes such as:

          • Mixing and admixing
          • Injection/absorption of aromas or fats
          • Cooking and sterilising
          • Kneading
          • Ventilation

          can be integrated into the processing equipment, thus saving further investment. The customised machine configuration ensures an optimised process. 



          product image 1

          Technical data

          Special properties for the customer’s benefit:

          Gentle processing of the raw materials is ensured at all times by the slowly rotating mixing screw, which is guided along the wall of the vessel, thus ensuring optimal mixing. The heat transfer coefficient is high and the risk of thermal damage to the products is low. Complete discharge and easy cleaning are important processing advantages of the conical shape. The entire process takes place within a closed system and can therefore be kept sanitary and even sterile - the product is protected at all times.


          Technical data

          Product volume: 100 – 10,000 litres
          Operating temperature: 0 to 135 °C
          Operating pressure: -1 to +3 bar (gauge)
          Materials in contact with the product: Stainless steel
          Heatability: Cone and cover, direct steam
          Typical add-on parts: Heating jacket, insulation jacket, steam injectors for direct steam heating, liquid-spraying systems, CIP cleaning, sprinkling flange, sampler, special outlet and inlet facilities, scrapers
          Fields of application